This article takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a batch bulk payout on your dashboard. 

You can also go ahead and explore the bulk payout visual tour by clicking here or continue reading.

  1. On the payout page, click on make a new payout. It could either be to an existing recipients or new recipients, it doesn't matter as long as you intend to make a bulk payout. 

  2. click on Bulk Payout, then download the template highlighted on the screen and ensure you carefully follow the instructions on the page. As shown below:

  3. Upload the file in .xlsx or .xls(excel). As shown below;

  4. Click on preview

  5. Give the batch a unique name, if your dashboard says errors in a row; correct the error by clicking on the edit button, next to the delete button. 

  6. You can add more recipients to the batch bulk payout. As shown below;

  7. Click on Continue to proceed with the payout flow or click on save for later to pause and process later.

  8. You can just select your preferred authentication method and input the code/OTP generated for the payout.

  9. If it is an instant payout, it will be displayed under the Instant tab and if it is a scheduled bulk payout, it will be displayed under the Scheduled tab. As shown below;

Awesome, you've just made a successful Batch Bulk Payout! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I set up my preferred authentication method?
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  • How can I schedule a payout? 
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