Syncing bills from other accounting packages to Duplo offers the advantage of centralizing your account payable process in one platform. With Duplo, you can seamlessly integrate and sync both partially paid and unpaid bills from various accounting packages into Duplo and reconcile the bill payment to the accounting packages, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate and up-to-date records saving you valuable time and effort. 

Syncing Bill requires 2 major steps;

  • First Step: Setting up your Accounting Package
    1. Click on Apps on the dashboard menu.
    2. A page, like the one below will show, click on Connect Business.

    3.  Click on the checkbox Bill synced should be automatically approved if you want the approval workflow to be applied to the bills synced from the accounting package into Duplo. Just as shown below;

    4. You will get a success message as shown below;

    5. Click on “this link” on the success message to authorize the connection between the accounting package and Duplo. OR you can click on “Okay” to authorize later.
    6. Once the connection is successful, the status of that accounting software will change to “Installed” as shown below;

      You’ve completed step one.

  •  Second Step: Sync the Bills
    1. Click on Bills on the dashboard menu.
    2. Click on Sync Bills as shown below;

    3. If Bills are successfully synced, you will see Bills pulled from your chosen accounting package now

Great job! You have activated the Sync Bill feature.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I access other accounting packages?
    • Currently, only connect one accounting package to a business per time.

  • I would like to connect to a different accounting package not listed. Can you assist me?