Effortlessly manage your payments and enjoy the convenience of easy bill settlement on Duplo. Experience streamlined, simplified bill payments and hassle-free payments with Duplo.

Paying a Bill requires the following steps;

  1. Login to your Duplo dashboard.
  2. Select Bill then select the Bill you want to pay.
  3. Click on Pay Bills.
  4. You can choose to pay a part of the bill or a full payment. You can also choose to have it sent out immediately or choose a future date. You should see a page like the one below;

  5. Once you are done, click on Submit.
  6. Authenticate with your preferred Mode, (either Google Authentication or SMS OTP, learn more here).
  7. After successfully authenticating, you will see a success message on the top center of your screen, like the one below;

Great job! If you followed these steps, you have successfully paid a Bill on Duplo.

Note: All Bills within any defined approval policies for your business must be approved by the relevant Approver(s) to be successfully completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is authorized to make Bill payments on Duplo?

    • Assigned Payers/Business owners/ Admins can pay bills. To learn how to set up admin/ initiator / Payer roles click here.

  • Can I make my Initiator a Payer too?

    Yes, you can.

    • Go to Setting on the dashboard, click on Team Members.
    • Select Team Member’s name, click on Edit Team Member then, click on the toggle button that says “allow payers permission”.
    • Finally, click on Update.

  • Can I pay Bills in instalments?

    • You can make partial payments for bills and settle the remaining balance later. Access the "Partially Paid" section on the bills table to continue payment.