Through the vendor platform, we aim to empower vendors with access to seamless merchant interactions, simplified communication, and enhanced transactions.

Here are two different ways you can sign up as a vendor on the vendor portal:

  • You are invited by a merchant on Duplo.
  • You sign up directly without any invite.

  • Invited by a Merchant
    1. As a vendor invited by a merchant, you’ll get an email from the merchant as shown below:

      Note: If your merchant is having a bit of trouble understanding how this works, you should share this helpful link with them.

    2. Click on Accept invitation and you'll be redirected to the image shown below. Here you'll find some of your information already filled in by the merchant that invited you.

Awesome! You're all set up. Now you can log in using your email and password. 

  • Sign up without an invite
    • Simply click on this link, and voila! You'll be taken straight to our sign-up page as shown below:

Great Job!