Simplify your invoicing process and take command of your financial operations with these simple steps.

  1. Log into the Duplo dashboard
  2. Click on “Recipient” on the dashboard menu
  3. On the Vendors tab, click on the vendor that sent in invoices for approval as shown below:

    Note: You’ll get an email notifying you when any of your vendors send in documents for your approval.

  4. Switch to the document tab as shown below:

  5. Click on the recent one that is pending to view the document to approve or decline.
  6. Once you approve it, a Convert to Bill button will show up. Click on it as shown below:

  7. The page that appears will have some information pre-filled and the document already attached, as shown below.

  8. Review, correct any incorrect information, click on preview, and then create the bill.

Great Job! You’ve successfully converted an invoice to a bill.