Unlock the power of efficient cash flow management with our guide on "How to Approve Invoice Financing Requests." In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps to review and approve financing requests from your vendors, ensuring seamless transactions and optimized financial operations. Let's dive in!

To begin

  1. Log into the Duplo dashboard
  2. Click on “Recipient” on the dashboard menu
  3. On the Vendors tab, click on the vendor that sent in an Invoice Financing request for approval as shown below:

  4. When you click on the vendor, you will see a page as shown below:

  5. Click on the particular one you want to approve, scroll down to where you have the “Approve or Deny button” and click on Approve or Deny as shown below:

Awesome! You have successfully approved or denied a request for Invoice Financing. After approving the request, the request will go to our internal team for approval before the Loan can be disbursed to the vendor.

 Note: You’ll get an email notifying you when any of your vendors send in requests for Invoice Financing.