We are excited to help you streamline your expense tracking and management with our latest feature. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of raising and approving an expense.

Let’s Dive in!

To explore how to raise and approve departmental expenses with a visual tour please click here or continue reading


  • You have to belong to a department to raise an expense.
  • Only users with submitter or approver roles can raise expenses.
  • Only a user with an approver role can approve an expense within a department.

To begin

  1. Log into the Merchant Dashboard as a Submitter or an approver
  • Submitters view
    • If you are a submitter, what is shown below is what you will see.
    • Click New Expense to raise an expense

    • Fill in the required field as shown below:

    • Once you click on save, you have successfully raised an expense.

      Note: You will get an email when your Head of Department (HOD ) has approved your request and you can click on the expense to view its status.

  • Approvers View
    • If you are an approver, once logged in, click on the Requisition Menu, and click on New Expense as shown below:

    • Fill in the required field to raise an expense as shown below:

    • Click on save. You have successfully raised an expense.
    • To approve an expense:
      • Click on the expense you want to review
      • Click on approve or deny as shown below:

Note: Once a department head approves a payment, it passes through various approval stages set by the business before full processing. This process is fully customizable. All participants in the workflow will receive a prompt when it's their turn, allowing them to monitor the transaction status throughout the process.  Click here to learn how to use our approval workflow.